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Nordbak personnel have a high degree of professionalism and innovative ideas, using a wide range of products together with the ability and expertise to recognise and solve customer problems, which exist in a variety of areas. We have trained contractors that apply the entire range of Nordbak products. Equipment repairs can be undertaken on-site or in-house, depending on the nature of the repair. These contractors have years of experience, with an intimate knowledge of the Nordbak product range and their special properties. Nordbak regional offices and agents in major centres have adopted all Nordbak’s business policies, with a commitment to quality and service excellence.

Mark Anthony Beyl

Chief Executive Director

Nordbak South Africa

After graduating from RAU in 1989 with a B-PROC degree, Mark also completed National Service with his final rank as Captain; as well as completing his clerkship from 1991 to 1992. He was admitted as an Attorney in March 1993.

Practising litigation attorney for his own account since 1993 under the name of Mark-Anthony Beyl Attorneys in Johannesburg. Currently, Senior Partner at Mark-Anthony Beyl Attorneys, specialising in High Court litigation, providing private and medium-sized commercial clients with general advice, and drawing agreements. 


Executive Director – Finance

Nordbak South Africa

Andrew began his career at KPMG Financial Services in Johannesburg. He lived in Tanzania and Zambia from 2013 to 2019 and held high-level positions as well as being profit responsible for multi-national companies involved in supply chain and projects in these geographies.

Andrew completed his B-Comm Financial management and Honours Accounting Science degrees at UNISA. He defines his inspiration as follows “Discipline is the refining fire by which talent becomes ability.”


Contracts Director

Nordbak South Africa

Deon is responsible for the Contracts Department and all our operations / on-site work for our customers. Deon has been with Nordbak for 14 years. He completed a diploma in Security Management at  Technicon SA. He is also a Director for Nordbak Chemical Applicators since 2016 and a Director for Speakeasy Inc. (Panama) since 2019.

He believes that “Met grysheid kom wysheid.”


Sales Director

Nordbak South Africa

Anton Kaber, Sales Director also leads the Export Department, and is responsible for all Export activities. Anton has been with the company for more than three years; prior he held several sales positions within the Export sector with more than 10 years of experience within the field. Anton holds a certificate in Export Management.

Anton is motivated and driven by placing customer needs and expectations first. Anton believes in meeting customer needs and exceeding expectations and takes inspiration from the following quote “If you aim higher than you expect, you could reach higher than you dreamed.


Administrative Director

Nordbak South Africa

Jackie is the Administrative Director, and her duties include but are not limited to assisting the Financial Director in Managing Finance at Nordbak, performing all SARS duties, liaising with auditors in the compilation of AFS, and the Management of full administrative duties.

Jackie graduated from UNISA with a BCOM Specialising in HR and thereafter a BCOM HONS Specialising in Business Management. Since completing her BCOM HONS, Jacqueline has also obtained her LLB Law Degree through UNISA and a Degree in Taxation through SAIT.