NORDBAK® manufactures and markets a wide range of cost effective products which are utilized extensively in the Mining and Industrial Sectors, as well as the Food Processing, Sugar, Petro Chemicals and Water Reticulation Industries.

The range of products fall into the following categories:-


All Mining Houses in South Africa use a variety of our products and most of these are supplied under contractual agreements.

Due to their diversified interests within Africa many of these Mining Houses have a call for NORDBAK® products in their East, West and Central African operations. NORDBAK® also supplies various international Mining Houses from North America, Canada, Britain and Australia for their interests in Africa.

NORDBAK® Crusher Backing has been found (under many controlled tests) to extend the Liner life of Crushers and thereby reducing downtime whilst in turn allowing increased ore throughput and improved yields.

Most of the Primary Crushers operating within South Africa are using NORDBAK® Crusher Backing, various grades of which are also used extensively by the majority of mines in their Crusher operations.

Wear & Abrasive Resistant Compounds are used in a wide range of applications ranging from the lining of Pipes, Pipe Bends, Pumps, Valves, Cyclones, Launders, Chutes, Silo’s and Tanks. NORDBAK® Compounds have a natural adhesion to steel and concrete and do not allow ingress of foreign matter between the bonded surfaces which in turn reduces corrosion.

In tests carried out at the South African Bureau of Standards, NORDBAK®’s Wear & Abrasion Resistant Compounds were found in some instances to be as much as ten (10) times more wear & abrasion resistant than mild steel.

Experience has found that in Wear and Abrasion applications, NORDBAK® Compounds have out-lasted rubber by a factor of between six (6) and twelve (12) to one (1) and in some instances as much as twentyfive (25) to one (1).

NORDBAK® HI-Impact Pulley Compound has been extensively tested against SANS 1669:2008 and complies with same in all aspects. In usage tests at the major mining houses it has shown extended life, from 5 times more than the life of rubber.

The NORDBAK® range of Acid Resistant and Anti- Corrosion Coatings are single products for one or two coat applications and do not require a Primer or Intermediate undercoat after surface preparation.They can be used on steel as well as a wide variety of other substrates including galvanized surfaces and concrete.

These coatings are utilized in various environments ranging from Heavy Corrosion to Acids & Water and have been successfully applied on Structural Steel, and the internals and externals of Tanks, Pipes, Pumps, Valves and large Processing Vessels.

Not only are NORDBAK® Coatings used by the Mines and OEM’s, they are used extensively in the Petro- Chemical, Building and Civil Construction, Cement Manufacture, Food Processing, Wine and Beverage and Sugar Industries as well as in Water Reticulation services.

The majority of NORDBAK® Coatings have been tested by the South African Bureau of Standards and meet the requirements of South African National Standards 1217 and 241.

NORDBAK® Grouts (100% solids/non-shrink) are designed to flow well under rails and sole plates, are self-levelling and firmly maintain critical alignments. Machinery can be started up after twenty-four (24) hours.

NORDBAK® is proud of its track-record since 1962 in South Africa and Africa and takes pride in the quality of products it has developed, manufactured and marketed world-wide.

The introduction of NORDBAK® South Africa’s new technology, linked to on-going product development, will continue to be paramount in our mission to market quality products. This supported by a professional and ethical service to our clients will continue to culminate in our vision for the ultimate of Customer Satisfaction.

All NORDBAK® products in their cured form are safe and non-hazardous, and can be disposed of in conventional “land-fill sites”.

It is NORDBAK®’s objective that their range of products should not be considered as “Consumables” but as “Strategic Commodities” which ‘EXTEND THE LIFE OF OUR CUSTOMERS CAPITAL’.