Ceramic-lined pipes said to ensure productivity of mine

South African wear and corrosion solutions provider Nordbak reports that the African mining industry holds a number of growth opportunities, particularly in the iron-ore market.

The company specialises in the manufacture of wear- and abrasive-resistant and anticorrosion coatings and products, used in the linings of pipes, pipe bends, pumps, valves, cyclones, launders, chutes, silos and tanks.

Nordbak business development manager Stefan Duvenage tells Mining Weekly that the whole of Africa currently offers signifi- cant opportunities for the mining sector. “Nordbak aims to be proactive in this industry by developing and adjusting skills and products to changes and innovations that may take place.

“Our crusher backing products have been found, under various controlled tests, to extend the liner life of crushers and, thereby, reduce downtime while allowing increased ore throughput and improved yields,” Duvenage says.

Meanwhile, the company is particularly active in the South African iron-ore industry, having secured contracts with large mining companies such as Assmang and Foskor, which has resulted in the company supplying products and daily maintenance services, when required.

Nordbak has also been a supplier to Iscor, now ArcelorMittal South Africa, for about four decades.

Nordbak’s products are approved by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) and are South African National Standards- certified, and Duvenage points out that Nordbak’s ceramic linings are particularly suited to the mining sector, as they do not wear easily and ensure an extended pipe life, for example. Maintenance costs are, in turn, lowered.

In certain tests carried out by the SABS, it was found that Nordbak’s wear- and abrasion-resistant compounds are up to ten times more resistant than other products in the industry.

“It is ideal for use in mines, where there is an increased possibility of abrasion. Our products reduce downtime, which is a significant advantage for our customers,” he adds.

Duvenage further points out that the company’s products can be custom-designed to suit particular problems that arise from heavy wear and corrosion.